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What I’ve Learned About Blogging

Well, I about 29 days ago I decided it was time to start some serious blogging. The first couple days went well and I was able to post often. The time between posts continued to grow and I’m learning some things along the way. First of all, it’s hard to consistently come up with interesting things to blog about. It was easier at work when I spent 8-6 on the computer each day. I’ve found that school is causing me to spend a lot less time on the computer and therefore I’m less inspired to blog. I have been able to keep up with Twitter even though it’s been hard to get blogging. Twitter is perfect for me because I can use Twitterriffic on my iPhone and post quick updates while i’m waiting in line for coffee or at a red light. These 2 minute breaks in life make it easy to update Twitter but don’t provide enough time to crank out a full blown blog post. Well, it’s 2AM and time for bed. I’m going to make a solid effort these next few days and get some new posts up!

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