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An Afternoon at Woodward

A few weeks ago a bunch of us were invited to come to Camp Woodward in Woodward, PA for an afternoon. This past Sunday, about 10 of us made the 45 minute drive from State College to Woodward. The trip was organized for the Penn State Snowboard Club, specifically the team, to come try out the new “rollerboards” that Woodward got this summer. These are basically just snowboards which have been fitted with 8 rollerblade wheels. They have normal bindings and you have to strap into the board. They move pretty quickly but aren’t really designed for turning. I guess the idea is that it helps to prevent you from trying to carve off the lip of the jump (which apparently is bad). Here’s a photo of one of the rollerboards:

The setup was incredible. We basically had the entire “Lot 8” to ourselves for the afternoon. Think of it like a huge warehouse just completely packed with ramps, halfpipes, rails, etc. It was like heaven. We were allowed to skate on all the features and Vlad was blowing our minds with his skateboarding. The kid is so good that he even got offered a job to work at Woodward next summer! hahaha. Anyway, so the setup for the rollerboards was pretty gnarly. There was a big drop-in ramp…maybe 20′ high? The ramp took you right into a nice sized jump which took you right into the foam pit. They even had a camera pointed at the foam pit which recorded your tricks and played them back for you about a minute later on a big flatscreen.

Everybody had an awesome time skating and rollerboarding. Hopefully they’ll be able to take some of the tricks to snow in a few months! I tried hitting the rollerboard setup on rollerblades and that was pretty insane. It’s really hard to stay balanced when you’re going pretty fast down an incline on blades. Kyle and Jerad, on the other hand, were killing it on the blades and throwing huge backflips and fronts. It was so fun to watch! Huge thanks to Woodward for letting us come out and use their facilities. Check out some photos from the day.

Jerad and John relaxin' after a hard day of riding.

Kyle Barnoff with a completely laid out backflip.

Vlad showing off for the rest of us.

Kyle droppin' in.

Vlad on the drop-in ramp. Pretty big huh?

Amazing pro(?) bikers casually throwing backflips on the ramps.

Vlad going absolutely HUGE.

Anthony was getting more air than anyone.

Nice shot of the cement park outside.

Wish I had my bike with me.

Want to see more photos? Here’s the full gallery from the day.


Comment from Todd Douglass
Time October 28, 2009 at 3:50 pm

dude can u talk the woodward people into selling the rolerboards cause i really would like to own one

Comment from Jason Wagner
Time October 28, 2009 at 4:21 pm

Hahaha.. I don’t think Woodward would sell you any, but they had a guy who was custom building those for woodward. I bet he would make you one for the right price. Ill see if i can get his contact information.

Comment from bob
Time March 16, 2012 at 8:20 am

i want one of the roller boards so bad. were do i buy one?

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