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Captivated By The New MacBooks

As many of you are aware, Apple released a new line of Macbooks and Macbook Pros yesterday. The release event was one of the better events I’ve seen in the past few months. I thought it was pretty remarkable to see how much focus Apple placed on the physical hardware design for the new laptops. I feel like the last few big releases from Apple have been mostly Software oriented. So, it was refreshing to see that they are still VERY devoted to producing high quality hardware.

One of the big “features” of the new laptops is that they are made of a solid, single piece of Aluminum. Apple kept obsessing over this feature, but it is actually pretty cool! Instead of piecing aspects of metal together to build up the internals, they actually take a single block of Aluminum and remove pieces until they have it exactly how they want it. This adds a lot of structural stability to the laptop.

The new MacBook Video (link below) gives you a look into the manufacturing process for the new MacBooks. It’s basically like a “How Stuff’s Made” for the new laptops. Luckily, Apple chose better music than the folks at Discovery. I was incredibly impressed with all aspects of the video. The guys speaking (especially the first dude), the editing, the music, and the high quality filming made this video one of the best! Here are some of my favorite parts in the video:

This guy was amazing and really cool to listen to. (Sweet Accent)

Love the detail and how incredible the keyboard looks.

Haha this part was sweet because it was so dramatic! lol

Here you can see the rigid "unibody" frame.

This is what the Aluminum looks like before it's cut.

Graphics look insane during this game.

It was cool to see a view of all the components.


So, moral of the story… I’m completely captivated by this new beauty and just ordered one!! I’ll be sure to post updates and a review once I get it. I’m hoping to just do a “Restore from Time Machine” and copy my current “computer” right over to the new hardware. I’ll let you know how that goes too!

Watch the MacBook video


Comment from Alexis
Time October 15, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Some of your favorite parts? Shouldn’t you just add in screenshots from every single part?

And you didn’t mention that you corrected the Apple Store and would very much like a discount, or any free products that Steve Jobs would like to donate.

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