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New MacBook Has Arrived!!

I ordered my new 13.3″ MacBook on Wednesday (10/15) of last week and it finally arrived today. I say finally because it was SO hard to wait for it, but in reality I’m amazed at how fast it came. It shipped out on Friday from Shanghai, China and traveled to Anchorage, AK then to Memphis, TN before arriving at my doorstep before 10AM today. That is a pretty impressive feat for only 2 business days. Props to FedEx on that one.

So I obviously opened it right up and was graced with the usual Apple packaging. I love how Apple spends just as much time with packaging their products as they do when they are creating them. It’s always fun to see what fancy tricks they’ve done with the packaging. Here’s a few shots of the un-boxing for all you fanboys out there:

So after I slowly unpacked everything I turned it on and saw the fancy Leopard Welcome video with all the different languages. This was the first chance to see how the new NVIDIA graphics card looked and let me tell you, I am impressed. After this was the usual setup instructions before being prompted to load data from another Mac or Time Machine backup. I picked “Restore from a Time Machine Backup” and was blown away at the impressiveness of this method. So impressed that I’m saving it for another entry later this week.

Once I got my laptop loaded from Time Machine, I immediately noticed a few things different about this MacBook. (For those of you who didn’t know, I previously had a 13.3″ MacBook from late 2007.) First of all, the new screen is AMAZING. The glass brings out the colors so nicely and it is much brighter than my old MacBook. Also, the screen does turn on instantly like they show in the video…when it’s not sleeping that is. The other thing I noticed was the keyboard. The new keys feel much softer than the old ones and are also much quieter. They remind me of my external keyboard and are so much more comfortable to type on than my old MacBook. 

The laptop is noticeably thinner and the screen is SO thin! The case feels much stronger and very solid. I’m extremely impressed with the design of the casing and everything. The one thing that bugs me a little is the placement of the microphone. It’s located right above the ESC key with a few little pin holes. It always makes me think that there is dirt on my laptop. I wish they had found a way to place this in the screen to hide it like they do the iSight and LED indicator. 

The new multi-touch trackpad is pretty legit! I like the capabilities it has and was impressed to see that the rotate/zoom/pan capabilities work in Adobe Lightroom 2 as well as iPhoto, Preview, and other apps. The 4-finger gesture to show Expose and Desktop is a nice touch. 

Overall I’m extremely impressed with the improvements Apple has made to the MacBooks. The hardware changes combined with the solid Leopard operating system really make it a pleasure to use. Check back later this week for some details on restoring from Time Machine.


Comment from Ben Birk
Time November 19, 2008 at 2:26 pm

So sexy looking. How is she holding up. No beer on the lid yet?

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