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The Hype Machine

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon an awesome music site called The Hype Machine. I had seen a few tweets about the site from friends but never really took the time to investigate. I’m a HUGE fan of electro/dance/club/etc music and frequent the Missingtoof music blog. It’s always fun to surf around the internets and see what crazy remixes DJs all over the world are mixin’ up. Hype Machine makes this easier than ever and here’s why.

Hype Machine searches thousands of music blogs and “harvests” all the tracks being blogged about. They compile all these songs into an incredible web interface where you can easily stream the songs and download them via links to iTunes, Amazon, etc. One of my favorite aspects of the site is the favorite icon. You can quickly favorite the songs you like and these are compiled into your “dashboard” for listening later.

Like any successful website these days, Hype Machine also throws a social networking component into the mix. Each user’s dashboard is public and can quickly be sent to a friend or made available to others using the site. In addition to making songs favorites, you can also favorite people. This capability makes it easy to see what music your friends are listening to!

Hype Machine also has pages for “latest”, “popular”, and “spy”. Latest will show you the most recent songs that have been located via a slick ajax interface. The popular page (one of my favorites) shows the most popular 50 songs in the past 3 days. After a song is on the list for 3 days, it’s removed to keep things fresh. Spy allows you to see what other users are listening to right now (like YouTube does).

So, if you love music and are constantly looking around for something new… you should really check out Hype Machine. It’s ability to create an incredible music selection and combine social networking aspects make it one of my favorite sites to visit!

Check out my Hype Machine Dashboard and friend me!!


Comment from Ben Birk
Time November 12, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Thanks for this tip, I’m going to use it. We need more post. At least 1 per week.

Comment from Benjamin Chodroff
Time December 19, 2008 at 6:56 pm

been using this website for the past month and used it to create some great mixes for the car. love the techno reviews on there – they are great

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