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Archive for December, 2008

5 Useful Apps for Mac OSX

Since a few of my friends have been getting macs over the past couple weeks, I decided it would be a cool idea to showcase some of the applications that I REALLY love. I decided to pick out 5 of my favorite *free* apps. Here they are, in no particular order. 1) Quicksilver (Download)             Quicksilver is […]

Winter Dew Tour – Breckenridge

The Alli Dew Tour has decided to expand their heavily televised tour this year from bmx and skate to include both freeskiing and snowboarding as well. The tour is making 3 stops this winter at Breckendridge, Mount Snow, and Northstar at Lake Tahoe. The first stop at Breckenridge was this past week and some CRAZY […]

Not Quite Christmas Music…

I was driving around today listening to one of my favorite mixtapes and felt inspired to post about it! (Blogging two days in a row…crazy I know!) Anyway, the mixtape was put together from a seriously talented group who calls themselves “The American Dream Team” (MySpace). They mix around 20 of the most popular electro […]

Taking it to the Streets

I came across an interesting spectacle on the internet the other day. It seems there is a huge group of people all over the world who are taking up a new form of graffiti. It’s called urban knitting and it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. A lot of my friends are pretty into crocheting and […]

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