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Utah Day 1 – Alta

We finally made it to Utah!! Last night our flight arrived in Salt Lake City around 9pm Mountain Time. We were welcomed with 17 inches of fluffy Utah powder. We managed to cheaply upgrade our rental car to a 2009 Infinity G37x sedan. This thing is AWESOME. And, best of all, it’s got AWD which allows us to get up that nasty canyon road when it’s restricted to 4WD or chains. We headed a few minutes down the highway and passed out for the night. This morning we woke up at 6:30 AM (about 6 hours earlier than usual..heh) and got everything together. We hit up McD’s for some tasty breakfast before heading up to the University of Utah where we rented avalanche beacons for the week. Next stop, Alta!

When we arrived at the base of the canyon road it was closed for avalanche control work. Basically, they blow up parts of the mountain (near the road, and on the mountain) so that they can get stuff to slide so that it doesn’t happen later. Finally, they opened it up and we made the drive up to Alta. When we finally arrived to a mostly empty parking lot, we could hear LOUD bombs going off all over the mountain for avalanche control. They had received over 20 inches of new snow in 24 hours. It was going to be an EPIC powder day. 

We made our way up the lift and we could see nothing but untouched pow. It was quickly evident that “first tracks” would last the entire day. To add to the craziness, it was snowing very hard from the moment we arrived until after we left. The winds got pretty nuts towards the end of the day, but it wasn’t that bad. All in all, it was the best conditions I have ever skied. The snow was almost too deep at times and became frustrating to get up after a fall. But, you can’t complain too much when you’re skiing in such amazing conditions.

When we tried to drive home, we found out that the canyon road was closed. Hummm… Okay, so how are we supposed to get home? We eventually found out that they were doing even more avalanche control work and it would re-open in an hour or so. So, we played around in the parking lot hiding our beacons and trying to find them. Hahaha. Eventually we made it down the road driving VERY slowly. 

Tonight it is supposed to snow another 11 inches and 2 inches tomorrow morning. It should be another incredible day tomorrow at Snowbird. Check out some pictures from today and take a look at the gallery for even more!

Check out the full gallery from today


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