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Utah Day 2 (Snowbird)

We woke up this morning to sunny, blue skies. We knew it wasn’t supposed to snow today, but we weren’t expecting perfect weather!! We got ready and headed to Snowbird. They received around 10 inches of snow overnight so the conditions were going to be amazing. And they were.

We waited a few minutes in line for the Tram before heading up for our first runs. We saw some amazing untracked powder off the cirque traverse on one of the major ridge lines. We took a few pictures at the top of the tram before heading down the traverse.

We were AMAZED at what was in store for us. The snow was super deep, but nice and fluffy. Kyle found a nice little cliff to launch and got one of the best photos of the day. Check out some of the photos we took during our first run.

As the day progressed, it started to get fairly warm out. The snow was getting a bit wet and a little heavy. Sadly, the aerial tram closed around 1pm for the day. I think it broke or something. We managed to find some awesome snow on the other side of the mountain before heading home for the day. We are exhausted.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Brighton in the Big Cottonwood Canyon. Brighton is one of my favorites so it’s sure to be a great day. Hopefully it doesn’t get too warm!!

We got sooooo many epic shots today. I didn’t want to post them all here, but I put together a gallery for the rest of the shots. You REALLY need to see these.

View Gallery

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