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The Latest From Sky Mall

Hey! So I found myself flying A LOT last month. First it was Utah, then St. Lucia, then a trip to Armonk, NY for work. I’ve been spending a lot of time on planes and have really enjoyed the Sky Mall magazine that was neatly placed in my seatback. I will say, however, that the Sky Mall is exactly the same all month. This was quite a disappointing discovery as I rarely fly more than once a month. I decided to share some of my favorite items in January’s Sky Mall. 

First we have the infamous Jumpin’ Jammerz. You may have heard about these on Twitter as @nevko is always raving about when he’s going to get his pair. I’ll have to agree with him though, this ad is pretty compelling.

Second item is a pair of “Electronic Tint Changing Ski Goggles”. Being a skier, I realize that skiing at night or during a really cloudy day can be rough if you have very darkly tinted goggles. However, on a sunny day it’s important to have a good tint for obvious reasons. Okay, so what’s the big deal about these? Well, typically a high-end pair of ski goggles will run between $85-$120 dollars. This means you could buy 2-3 quality pairs of goggles for the price of these. Maybe when these come in the $100 price range they will be more reasonable!

This next item is RANDOM! Caitlin managed to point this out to me since I completely glanced over the furniture section. Apparently, it’s an end table that doubles as a pet crate. I mean, I guess it’s cool…  but it’s just a completely bizarre idea!

Lastly, the expanding surge protector. I decided to include this because the geek in me always gets frustrated with the bulky AC adapters living under my desk. I’ve had 3 different surge protectors behind there at once just to manage all the different sizes and shapes for all the plugs. It’s a mess. So, as long as this thing doesn’t burn down your house or fry the laptop, it seems like a good buy to me! 


Comment from Geoffrey
Time February 20, 2009 at 8:53 am

I’m always going to work when switch off all of the adapters because they are very worried. I think that with the electricity we need to be careful.

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