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Magic Pen Game – Version 2!!

As many of you might remember, a few months ago I wrote about a little game called the Magic Pen Game. This game captured (I wouldn’t say wasted…) hours and hours of my life! If you aren’t familiar with the game, it is a series of levels that require you to move a red ball through flags. The intriguing part about it is that the game environment is based on the laws of physics. It functions exactly like you would expect it to! This morning I woke up to an IM from @barnoff informing me that there was a Version 2!!

I’ve played a few levels so far and here are some differences I’ve noticed.

1) There is “Wind”. This allows you to press ‘W’ and push the ball lightly in any direction. I don’t recall this being in the first version. This is great and saves the hassle of dropping balls to propel the red ball from side to side.

2) It’s hard. Maybe it takes awhile to get back into the rhythm of things. So far, it’s slow going for me!

3) The music still rocks. I keep it as background music while not playing the game.

Click here to play the game now!

Have fun!

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