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Apple Event: The Good, Bad, & Other

Today Apple finally announced the tablet that we’ve been hearing rumors about for the past year. The rumors were so intense lately that they actually started to get annoying even to a big fanboy like myself. The event was pretty exciting. It was great seeing the incredible new UI design built specifically for the new […]

Yes, AT&T Continues To Suck

I’m very, VERY angry with AT&T right now. Not surprised? Me neither. After the MMS and tethering delay, and ridiculous upgrade rates after the iPhone 3GS launch it seems like AT&T is on everyone’s list. Friday I had quite an experience with AT&T customer service when I called them regarding an extra $54 worth of […]

How To Enable Tethering on iPhone 3.0 with AT&T

After patiently waiting for weeks and weeks, I finally got a chance to download the new iPhone 3.0 firmware today.  I’ve been very interested in the tethering feature and I was pretty disappointed to find out that AT&T wasn’t going to be supporting this feature. You might remember one of my first posts about an […]

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