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Smart Tips To Protect Your Online Accounts

As you may remember, over a month ago a hacker was able to gain access to hundreds of confidential documents from Twitter. The incident was covered heavily on tech blogs, and TechCrunch wrote a very interesting post describing the “anatomy” of the Twitter attack. I found the post to be extremely insightful and I’m quite […]

Got A Google Wave Invite!

About a month ago Google announced a revolutionary product at their I/O Developer conference. The product is called Google Wave and it’s going to change the way we think of online communication. Wave blurs the line between email and real-time instant message conversations. It allows you to easily collaborate with lots of friends at once […]

Quick Tips For Stopping Junk Email

I’ve been trying to decide if this was a worthwhile post for a few days now. I’m sure that some of you are already using these tips (at least the first one) on a regular basis. However, I decided there are still a considerable amount of people who could use the advice! So, let’s get […]

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