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Tag: Find My iPhone

Unable To ‘Find My iPhone’

A week ago, my wife Caitlin had her iPhone 4 stolen at a local restaurant here in Raleigh. She was eating with some friends and decided to move outside near the end of the meal. The iPhone presumably slipped out of her pocket as she was getting up. A few minutes later she realized it […]

Google Sync for iPhone = MobileMe Killer

Like every good Apple fanboy, I signed up for Apple’s MobileMe service when it became available in July 2008 alongside the launch of the iPhone 3G. MobileMe is a rebranding of Apple’s .Mac service that has been around for 7 years. The new service promised some cool features and most importantly, “push” email, contacts, and […]

MobileMe Finally Gets Useful with Find My iPhone

I’ve been a MobileMe subscriber since it was released with the launch of the iPhone 3G a year ago. I suffered through the initial hiccups and Apple rewarded me and many others with almost 6 months of free service! I’m not sure MobileMe is really worth the money I pay for it. I don’t really […]

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