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Is Chat The Future Of Tech Support?

Last week I wrote about a MobileMe killer in the form of Google Sync for iPhone. I have 2 months left on my subscription to MobileMe and I thought I would try to cancel and see if they would prorate the remaining amount. ┬áLast night I fired up a 24/7 Live Chat to speak with […]

Google Sync for iPhone = MobileMe Killer

Like every good Apple fanboy, I signed up for Apple’s MobileMe service when it became available in July 2008 alongside the launch of the iPhone 3G. MobileMe is a rebranding of Apple’s .Mac service that has been around for 7 years. The new service promised some cool features and most importantly, “push” email, contacts, and […]

MobileMe Finally Gets Useful with Find My iPhone

I’ve been a MobileMe subscriber since it was released with the launch of the iPhone 3G a year ago. I suffered through the initial hiccups and Apple rewarded me and many others with almost 6 months of free service! I’m not sure MobileMe is really worth the money I pay for it. I don’t really […]

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