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Think Twice About Google Voice

You may have heard some buzz in the last month or two about a “new” product called Google Voice. It’s basically a renamed version of a product they’ve had called Grand Central. Google Voice is extremely powerful and actually quite simple. Essentially, Google assigns you a Google phone number. Think of this number as your […]

Will Google and HTML 5 Kill Flash?

This past week Google hosted it’s annual I/O conference for developers. The conference is geared towards pushing the boundaries of web development and web applications. This year Google unveiled an amazing new web app called “Google Wave“. There has been a lot of hype and tons of press around this announcement that occurred on Day 2 of the conference. […]

The Great Scalability Problem of 2009

If you’ve been following tech news this week you would have heard about the Twitter #FAIL that has users up in arms. I’m not going to bother typing up a full recap as this has been done many times already this week. However, I would like to reflect on the blog post that Twitter co-founder Biz […]

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