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Pontiac G6 or similar…

I’d say that I’m fairly new to this whole rental car thing. I rented my first car back in January when I was in Salt Lake City for a ski trip. We were able to upgrade our car to an amazing Infinity G37x sedan. Epic car. The 2nd car I rented was back in May […]

The Latest From Sky Mall

Hey! So I found myself flying A LOT last month. First it was Utah, then St. Lucia, then a trip to Armonk, NY for work. I’ve been spending a lot of time on planes and have really enjoyed the Sky Mall magazine that was neatly placed in my seatback. I will say, however, that the […]

A Week in St. Lucia

I’ve been SO busy lately that I haven’t had time to blog about everything that’s been going on. I finally have a few minutes to write and share some pics. Okay, so where to start?! On Saturday January 17th, 2009 I got married to Caitlin in Saratoga Springs, NY. We had a fairly large wedding […]

Utah Day 4 (Brighton)

Last night it snowed 11 inches in Big Cottonwood Canyon and we decided to ski one last time before our 5pm flight. After checking out half-day lift ticket prices at the nearby resorts, we decided it was best to head to Brighton again.  We arrived a little before the lifts opened at 9am. I couldn’t […]

Utah Day 3 (Brighton)

Today we headed up Big Cottonwood canyon to ski at Brighton. Brighton is a crazy resort with one-of-a-kind terrain and few crowds. It’s a favorite for many of the SLC locals and I don’t think too many tourists know to go there. We skied all day and never waited in a single lift line.  The […]

Utah Day 2 (Snowbird)

We woke up this morning to sunny, blue skies. We knew it wasn’t supposed to snow today, but we weren’t expecting perfect weather!! We got ready and headed to Snowbird. They received around 10 inches of snow overnight so the conditions were going to be amazing. And they were. We waited a few minutes in […]

Utah Day 1 – Alta

We finally made it to Utah!! Last night our flight arrived in Salt Lake City around 9pm Mountain Time. We were welcomed with 17 inches of fluffy Utah powder. We managed to cheaply upgrade our rental car to a 2009 Infinity G37x sedan. This thing is AWESOME. And, best of all, it’s got AWD which […]

Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft

Huh? So, I’m driving home from NC this morning and as I make my way through Virginia I keep seeing these signs telling me that “Speed Limit [is] Enforced by Aircraft”. I’ve seen these signs before but I never really thought too much about them. I always just assumed that there was some type of […]

Weekend in New York City

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the weekend up in New York City. I have a conference in Armonk, NY on Monday and Tuesday so they flew us up on Friday to spend some time in the city beforehand. It’s been a lot of fun so far! Despite living pretty close to NYC and Caitlin […]

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